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This was the most unique massage I have ever had in my life. My body feels light and loose. My tension has gone away. I loved the deep tissue work. And now I feel much better.
Thank you,
Earl Inouye, Maui resident

I've heard of Allana for years. Her reputation precedes her. There are no words to describe the technique of the therapeutic massage by Allana. Mind, heart, and hands, come together with spirit. What hands! What energy! You just have to experience it for yourself. All I could ask was "What took me so long?"
Carol F, Molokai resident

The first thing I think about when I come to Molokai is to call Allana. The body work is sublime. I'm always impressed with her punctuality, flexibility, and I always feel taller, healthier, and more relaxed after a session. I am blessed to have found you.
Eleanor Hamner

If Molokai is the gut of Hawaii, Allana is the heart.
I love you,
Catherine, Molokai resident

A fabulous full hour. Technically proficient and oh-so-wonderful.
Mary Ann Mellen, Mendocino, CA

Amazing energy. The most incredible full-body session. I am a massage therapist and Allana's treatment is the best I've ever had. Her deep tissue is outstanding. Her touch is like silk. What a blessing.
Michael Allan, Beverly Hills, MI

I've been having sinus problems for many years and have tried many medicines. Allana just worked her gift from God on me and I haven't had any sinus problems since. Friday will have been three years.
Shannon, Honolulu

I have been seeing Allana for body work for four years. There is no one as good as her for massage. She really has the integral aspects of being an effective practitioner. I never miss an opportunity to see her when I come to Molokai.
Very grateful,
Francisco Montez, Maui

Allana is a very intuitive and knowledgeable therapist. I have had many massages around the world and find her to be both technically sound and intelligent in finding the root of the ailment. Her knowledge and interest in essential oils adds immensely to the experience. I have visited her on several occasions over the years and recommend her to friends and family who have been equally satisfied.
Gordon Christie, Vancouver Canada

Came in for stress relief, left in a better place. Take the time to receive this treatment and you will be amazed at the caring hands and soul.
Micheal A. Catastrophic, Malibu, CA

This massage was the best. I came in really sore and sick and left cured. I feel like I want to move to Molokai so Auntie can work on me. What a savior. What an angel.
Sarah Lockwood, Maine

I arrived on the island and immediately found myself plunged into inactivity, resulting in sore muscles and a stiff neck. Allana immediately relaxed me, worked with the soreness and stiffness in my muscles, and finished with a soothing massage that left me refreshed, invigorated, and ready for more activity. She is an island treasure possessing wonderful strong hands and the insight and knowledge and technique to help all that come and see her.
W. David Azer, Attorney-at-law, Waterloo, Iowa

Allana performed a deep tissue massage and relieved a lot of pressure in my legs. This was the deepest therapeutic massage one could get. She also has a lot of scientific knowledge of muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. When we come back to Molokai we will visit her again and enjoy it thoroughly.
Lauren Hansen, CA

My wife and I have both enjoyed your company and your help. I have been able to feel relief from pain that has been more profound than any other medication or meditation can give me.
Rob Chadwick, OR

It's hard to write when you feel so relaxed. Allana came to my condo and found sore spots in places I didn't know existed. I'm sore no more.
Scott Flevrer, Ashland OR

Allana has a special gift for working on bodies. Her talented and skilled touch offers one a unique blend of depth and sensitivity in her therapeutic massage.
Dr. Carl Hynes, Chiropractor, Lanai HI

A true gem. A real gift to my body, mind, and spirit. Allana really fixed my neck and tension areas. A visit to this sanctuary will be one of the many reasons I will visit Molokai again, if not the only reason.
Shane, Brooklyn NY

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